IPI World Congress 2016

(19-21 March, Qatar)


As every year, IPI’s global press freedom event unites leading journalists, editors and publishers from around the world to discuss global trends in journalism and freedom of the press.

Doha will be hosting the IPI World Congress from 19-21 March 2016. Together with our local partner, Al Jazeera Media Network, we hope to engage you in conversations, debates and face-to-face discussions on critical issues affecting journalism in the Arab world and globally.


Under the theme "Journalism at Risk: Safety and Professionalism in a Dangerous World", IPI will gather experts, media professionals and investigative reporters to analyse and put forward possible solutions to  the challenges that the media are currently facing, including:

•   Safety of journalists on dangerous assignments, including those covering Syria and ISIS

•   Increasing attacks against journalists in countries outside of war zones

•   Threats to online journalism as well as online threats and cyber attacks on journalists.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 IPI World Congress in Doha!

IPI World Congress 2015

(27-29 March, Myanmar)

Thank you for participating in the IPI World Congress 2015 in Yangon. This year  some 270 participants from 45 countries joined the two-day programme dedicated to press freedom – not only in Myanmar, a country in the midst of transition with great potential for a more independent press – but around the globe.




We hope to see you at next year's Congress in Doha!

Dates for the IPI World Congress 2016 will be announced soon.


IPI World Congress 2014

Cape Town, South Africa (April, 2014)

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IPI World Congress 2013

Amman, Jordan (May, 2013)

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IPI World Congress 2012

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago (June, 2012)

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