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This section examines the state of press freedom around the world, documenting violations and major media developments. Please select your region and countries of interest.

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The Americas & the Caribbean


Ecuador paraliza la disolución de Fundamedios

IPI critica el ultimátum que acompaña a dicha resolución[more]

Asia & the Pacific


November elections in Myanmar carry high hopes

Journalists’ freedom to cover appears greater, but only time will tell[more]



IPI concerned by proceedings against Georgia broadcaster

Rustavi 2 officials accuse authorities of hand in ownership dispute[more]

Middle East and North Africa


IPI welcomes Egypt pardon of Al Jazeera journalists

Cautions much more needs to be done to improve press freedom[more]

Sub Saharan Africa


IPI joins call to improve human rights situation in Angola

15 NGOs emphasise support for EU Parliament resolution[more]