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This section examines the state of press freedom around the world, documenting violations and major media developments. Please select your region and countries of interest.

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The Americas & the Caribbean


João Miranda do Carmo, Brazil

João Miranda do Carmo, owner of the outspoken news website SAD Sem Censura in Santo Antônio do Descoberto in the central Brazilian state of Goiás, was shot 13 times and killed outside his home on July 24, 2016. The journalist...[more]

Asia & the Pacific


Shahzad Khan and Mahmood Khan, Pakistan

Two journalists died when a civil hospital in Quetta, Pakistan was bombed on Aug. 8, 2016, killing at least 53 people. Shahzad Khan, a cameraman for Aaj TV, and Mahmood Khan, a cameraman for Dawn News, were among a group of...[more]



Pavel Sheremet, Ukraine

Pavel Sheremet, a Belarusian journalist who had been working in Ukraine for the past five years at news site Ukrainska Pravda and at Radio Vesti, died on July 20, 2016 in a car bombing in Kiev. He was driving to work in the car...[more]

Middle East and North Africa


Jeroen Oerlemans, Syria

Dutch photojournalist Jeroen Oerlemans was killed by a sniper on Oct. 2, 2016 while covering a government-backed offensive against the Islamic State group in Sirte, Libya. Oerlemans was wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet, but...[more]

Sub Saharan Africa


IPI Blog: An Internet for all, by all

Internet Freedom Festival discusses the fight against censorship, surveillance[more]