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This section examines the state of press freedom around the world, documenting violations and major media developments. Please select your region and countries of interest.

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Middle East & North Africa
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The Americas & the Caribbean


Venezuelan authorities block Grupo Infobae website again

Argentine news organisation creates third domain to bypass censorship[more]

Asia & the Pacific


Japanese journalist indicted for defamation and barred from leaving South Korea

Charges relate to article questioning whereabouts of South Korean president during ferry disaster[more]



Despite decriminalisation, libel cases cast shadow over Macedonian journalism

Investigative magazine loses court appeal, fears for its future [more]

Middle East and North Africa


Raad al-Azzawi and Imad Amer Lattufi, Iraq

News cameraman Raad al-Azzawi was killed in a public execution in the city of Tikrit, Northern Iraq on Friday.  Governor Raed Ibrahim of Salahuddin province confirmed the killing. Azzawi worked for Salahuddin Television,...[more]

Sub Saharan Africa


Ebola epidemic affects press freedom in West Africa

Report highlights challenge of disseminating accurate, fair information[more]