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This section examines the state of press freedom around the world, documenting violations and major media developments. Please select your region and countries of interest.

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The Americas & the Caribbean


IPI Blog: An Internet for all, by all

Internet Freedom Festival discusses the fight against censorship, surveillance[more]

Asia & the Pacific


David Gilkey, Afghanistan

American journalist David Gilkey was killed on on June 5, 2016 while on assignment in Afghanistan when the convoy he was traveling with came under fire by Taliban insurgents. Gilkey, a photographer and videographer for U.S. media...[more]



Zviad Tkhelidze, Georgia

Georgian journalist Zviad Tkhelidze, a reporter with news program 2030 on GDS TV, died on May 28, 2016 while working on a documentary in the Khada Gorge in the mountainous province of Mtiuleti in eastern Georgia. Tkhelidze...[more]

Middle East and North Africa


Abdulgader Fassouk, Libya

Television journalist Abdulgader Fassouk was killed on July 21, 2016 by an Islamic State group sniper while reporting on fighting in Sirte, the Libyan Centre for Freedom of the Press reported. The Centre said that just one day...[more]

Sub Saharan Africa


El Hadj Mohamed Diallo, Guinea

Journalist El Hadj Mohamed Diallo, who worked for the private Guinee7 news website and the weekly L’Independant, was gunned down on Feb. 5, 2016 while covering clashes between rival factions of Guinea’s main opposition party in...[more]